• Item: Copper and Cotton inter-connects (leads)  
  • Type: retro-thermionic  
  • Posted: 5 November 2012  
  • Builder: Retro  
  • Country: Australia  
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Copper and Cotton

After building a new chip amp (SynergyIICu - see posting on this site) I became aware that the sound was a bit bright and even brittle toward the top-end. When swapping out my Silver Highway pure silver platted inter-connects with some commercial copper based ones the sound mellowed. Also a suck-out in the lower-mid went away.

I had some cotton covered tinned solid core copper wire left from a Fender Champ project. I made leads from this wire, added a small ferrite choke at the end and covered the lightly twisted wire with heat shrink tube. The RCA plugs are solid nickel and gold plated and are very substantial. WBT silver solder was used.

The sound is fuller and more relaxed with these in place. No hum or noise gets through though there is no shielding.


  • indiehifidiy
  • 10 September 2013 at 12:28AM
  • What is the gauge of the wires? Is it stranded or solid core?

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