• Item: The Simplest Voigt Pipe Speakers  
  • Type: Tuned Quarter Wave Pipes  
  • Posted: 9 November 2012  
  • Builder: TerryG  
  • Country: United States  
  • Comments: 2  

Voigt Pipes

These are simple Voigt Pipes that anyone can build. I made up the plans after guessing the dimensions from looking at pics on the internet. I tried three different Lowther drivers, a couple of fostex drivers, and some Radio Shack drivers in them. They all worked well, the Lowther DX2's were probably the most exciting, and the Radio Shack 1354's were the best balanced across the entire frequency spectrum.

Voigt Pipes are a mix between transmission lines, and horns. They have a broader bass enhancement like a horn over a a TL, but not as efficient. Each driver required a different amount of stuffing to get the most out of them. The RS 1354's required the least amount of stuffing in the line, only the part of the pipe above the RS 1354's were stuff lightly. Still they gave frequency flat to below 50Hz.


  • TerryG
  • 9 November 2012 at 10:51PM
  • All the dimensions are interior measurements. 73.75" is the entire length of the pipe, while 37.5" is the center from the bottom to the speaker.
  • TerryG
  • 9 November 2012 at 10:56PM
  • The foot print without the board on the bottom, that added stability, turned out to be about 12" by 12". With the Radio Shack drivers I made adapters, but the wholes were for 8" Lowthers and Fostex drivers. I built these back in the late 1990's, before any software for Voigt pipes existed. Back then we worked by rules of thumb, 1/4 wave length was the pipe length, stuffing was trial and error, vent area was determined by how much you wanted to load the driver. Anything less than the area of the driver was not considered to load the driver, so the lower the Qts the smaller the vent/port could be.

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