• Item: Subwoofer  
  • Type: Clossed with slave  
  • Posted: 21 November 2012  
  • Builder: Busk Audio  
  • Country: Denmark  
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Sub No Limit

This is the heaviest and biggest sub I have ever built.

The project was actually first build in the German magazine “hobby hi-fi”, and it was there my friend saw his future subwoofer.

So he bought the last amp from sintronic industries will make of this model, the 25kg 2*1000w plate amp with build in DSP.
The 37kg driver comes from Ground Zero, the GZPW15XQ, it handles 5000w rms and 10000w peak, so it will make tour house move. The slave it from the same chassis as GZPW15XQ so they match perfectly.

The cabinet is constructed from 22mm MDF for the insides, 2 layers for the separation between the speaker chamber and the amp chamber. Next is 22mm chipboard for the middle layer, and finally 21mm Finnish birch plywood. So a total of 65mm thick cabinet walls. The cabinet itself weighs 125kg, and with amp, speaker units and all it´s now at a total of 191kg.

It’s made for movie but is actually pretty fun for music with deep deep bass, I have not tested the full potential because I fear that my house may get damage.
The DSP and volume can be controlled with the remote, and you can make presets as you like.

Amp: Sitronik Industrie VP1000D
Speaker unit: Ground Zero GZPW15XQ
Speaker unit passive: GZP15
Size: 50*57*105cm, 191kg


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