• Item: 2 Way Mini Monitor  
  • Type: Peerless & Scanspeak Mini monitor  
  • Posted: 30 November 2012  
  • Builder: Leon  
  • Country: Australia  
  • Comments: 1  

Version 1

A small stand mount 2 way monitor loudspeaker using Peerless and Scanspeak drivers.

I used an unconventional method of forming the cabinet out of layers of 16mm MDF stacked. This created a very rigid enclosure that features a curved rear panel.

Finished in Duratex, a textured black finish.


  • Nonoy
  • 24 January 2013 at 05:07AM
  • I'm a fan of Peerless, Vifa and ScanSpeak. I have a Vifa PL18, Vifa M11WH and Vifa XT25 and i want to make a project out of these drivers. I wonder if you can help me...tnx

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