• Item: Stereo Mosfet amp  
  • Type: single ended amplifier  
  • Posted: 9 June 2010  
  • Builder: Rock  
  • Country: France  
  • Comments: 3  

Grand Brother

Single ended Mos fet ( RFP 12N 10L )
2 X 4 watts
Bias : 3A per transistor !
Pure Class A
400 VA power supply !
Hard wiring !


  • koogar
  • 9 July 2010 at 08:55PM
  • Very nice clean looking amp Rock!

    you just have to love hard wiring i actually used hard wiring for the star grounds on Onixia it just looks so clean.
    Maybe i will go full hardwire on the next build :)



  • Wardsweb
  • 30 July 2010 at 04:24PM
  • Absolutely incredible attention to detail. It makes my heart smile, being obsessive myself. It is part craftsman and part artist.

    Kudos to you sir!
  • gyrene
  • 22 October 2010 at 05:54AM
  • Thanks for putting the pics together.I'm interested in the stereo mosfet amp.Nice work.Could you put up a bill of materials and a schematic or link to a schematic on that one? It would be my first hard wire project.Could you explain the 2x4 watts spec? Since watts = volts x amps and you have a 400va power supply?
    And BTW really nice photography as well.Nice soft blue lighting.

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