• Item: Integrated Stereo Amplifier  
  • Type: Gainclone LM3875  
  • Posted: 10 July 2010  
  • Builder: koogar  
  • Country: United Kingdom  
  • Comments: 1  


300va Toroid 2x25v
2x56watts LM3875
Panasonic FM caps 1500uf/10uf
Panasonic Resistor’s
Elna Cerafine  4.7uf DC blocking Capacitors
MUR860 OnSemi Diodes

Earlier this year i decided to start a new D.I.Y Audio project, I wanted a small yet powerful amplifier for the PC to power a pair of Q Acoustics 1010i bookshelf speakers. I decided a Gainclone was the way to go.

The principle of a Gainclone is simple use the least amount of components in the signal path possible! I decided on the LM3875 PCB's from Audiosector. Peter is a great force in the DIY Audio world and is a master at making simple yet beautiful chassis’ as well as the bits inside :)

So the Gainclone boards were assembled and the prototype chassis was made to house and tweak the layout .After a week or so i had the layout down and i knew the dimensions of the chassis that i required. I already had decided that i would need to make my own chassis and here it is.
I guess a D.I.Y. project is never really finished and is always ready to be tweaked in some way or another. Already I have capacitor rolling in mind and maybe a onboard DAC powered off a custom winding from the main toroid along with a CNC 12mm aluminium front panel .

Rupert Hirst (2010)  "If I can't borrow, buy or find something then I guess I will just have to make it!"


  • John Bee
  • 31 August 2011 at 10:40AM
  • Hi there Koogar!

    Amazing case! Is that solid marble? Where did you get the knob?

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