• Item: Power Conditioner  
  • Type: X8 Schuko sockets  
  • Posted: 25 May 2013  
  • Builder: sree  
  • Country: France  
  • Comments: 0  

Power Conditioner against surge and against noise.

This is a Power Conditioner & anti-surge noise

This is an Power conditioner & surge against noise.
The purpose of this Power Conditioner anti-surge and against noise is just to filter out certain parasites using condos "class X2" by connector.

With respect to the arrester there will just be a varistor at the output of each connectors

Start with the case:

It is made of three parties,
- The facade is divided into two (one for 6 schuko outlets and the other for two conventional plugs)
- The central base and
- The base of the bottom (with the feet protruding)


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