• Item: Tapped Horn Subwoofer  
  • Type: DIY Stereo Integrity HT15D2 Tapped Horn Subwoofer  
  • Posted: 30 June 2013  
  • Builder: SpeakerScott  
  • Country: United States  
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DIY Stereo Integrity HT15D2 Tapped Horn Subwoofer

In the spirit of "more is better" and "too much is not enough" I built a tapped horn out of a Stereo Integrity HT15D2.

8' Tall


And capable of a ton of clean output.

It took just under three sheets of plywood to build. All joints are screwed and glued with a glue cleat on every joint. There are a series of braces running front to back so there's never more than ~6-8 inches of un-braced panel with the exception of the mouth.

In testing, at 30Hz in the garage I stopped at roughly 14 watts of the 1400 available because I thought the garage door was coming off the rollers.

I created some filters using the simulated output of the horn to flatten the response a bit, and given the silly excursion of the woofer (it can't be bottomed using the bash amp in free air) I put in some 20Hz boost before the 15Hz cut.

The result is the first time I can honestly say I've ever heard truly effortless bass. For music, or HT use at any level that won't get the cops called on you (and even some that will) I can only feel a few mm of travel on the woofer. This on a woofer that's rated for 22mm linear one way XMAX and roughly double that for mechanical. I would be afraid of losing a window.

At high output putting your head near the mouth of this thing is a bit like getting a demo from a car that can do a "hair trick".



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