• Item: Fullrange speaker  
  • Type: Aucharm with Monacor  
  • Posted: 26 July 2013  
  • Builder: leopard  
  • Country: Sweden  
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I suppose everyone has seen a 4 inch fullrange speaker on ebay. It is called as Aucharm 4" fullrange driver. I gave it a try and liked it. There is no need to add a high frequency driver to extend that range. The driver goes high enough. That is what i like.

The lower side of the frequency response is supplemented by an 8 inch low freq. driver - Monacor SPH-8M. It has good sensitivity, fits my requirements and there are a lot of info about it on the internet.

The corner frequency of the filter is 800 Hz. The filter is made using K73-16 PETP capacitors. Four of those are connected in parallel. First order high and low freq filters for both drivers.

Anti vibration material inside the speaker boxes. Built with MDF and painted mat black. Added Proson feets/spikes.

Those speakers are at my listening room. I noticed they are best with rock music (that's my favorite music style so maybe that is the reason). Anyway... it was fun building and now it's more fun listening to it.

And my wife likes the design...

More pictures can be found at: http://www.audiobyminde.com/Dvieju%20juostu%20garso%20koloneles.html


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