• Item: Music Library  
  • Type: Music Library  
  • Posted: 28 July 2013  
  • Builder: Johnnz  
  • Country: New Zealand  
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Elm Steampunk

Perhaps classifiable as steampunk, this project blends woodwork with FLAC files output through a bit-perfect soundcard.

The knob on the right has three way operation using parts from the scroll wheel of an old mouse. It can be rotated left or right (scroll mode) to scroll through songs, or pulled back and twisted left or right which activates page-up/page-down to quickly search through albums. It can also be pressed in to start a song playing.

The knob on the left has a more simple twist left for previous track, twist right for next track, or press in for pause/play.

The music playing software is Foobar 2000 and album artwork fades in and out over five seconds when a song is selected to play.

The disc drive was intended to allow a disc to be inserted and be either played or ripped to the hdd with a single button press with music data downloaded such as track/album title and artwork. However, I never got this setup properly as it required more programming than I was capable of and I guess I lost interest.

When powered on Foobar 2000 loads automatically and autohotkey software also loads which blacks out the windows environment around the screen so that only text is seen (ie no scrollbars or window boxes)

I run this music library through the optical out of the soundcard through a Musical Fidelity Dac and am very pleased with the sound from this quirky looking device.


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