• Item: Long interconnect cable  
  • Type: Rhino series  
  • Posted: 19 January 2014  
  • Builder: leopard  
  • Country: Sweden  
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Quality interconnect cable

The cable is specially designed for connecting PC sound card to an amplifier. Analog signal is used. The length of a cable is beating the recommendations of a maximum 3 meters (theory by the books). Cables i made are 4.5 meters long and directional. Well it is impossible to connect it wrong because the 3.5mm output jack on the sound card is used.
Gotham Audio Cables are used. It is a confirmed fact by Mr Neil A Muncy ("Noise Susceptibility in Analog + Digital Signal Processing Systems") that using this cable a RF-rejection is 20dB better than using any other cable available. Highest possible shielding according to ELFA. Each signal conductor is 100% and twice covered by twisted copper shields. Signal is not flowing through the shield, of course.
Three cables are made totally. One is using lockable RCA bullet plugs + Amphenol Audio XLR plugs for easy connecting the very end of cable. It creates an option to change the plug types easier if needed. The very end is Amphenol Audio 3.5mm plug. The cable is wrapped by HellermannTyton braided cable sleeve.
The subwoofer mono cable has lockable RCA bullet plug + a 4 pin 3.5mm plug. Only one pin is used to connect a subwoofer. Two cables for a 2.1 audio system.
The third cable is using the same technique but RCA plugs and XLR connectors made by NEUTRIK. The very same 3.5mm Amphenol Audio plug at the other end.
The cables are tested using various of audio equipment and showing nice results. The goal of studio quality cables are reached.
If you are still using those very cheap audio cables - change it! You will definitely feel the difference!


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