• Item: Passive attenuator  
  • Type: Khozmo MKII 10K stereo  
  • Posted: 28 January 2014  
  • Builder: No. 4  
  • Country: United States  
  • Comments: 3  

Passive Khozmo 48 step shunt type pre

-Khozmo MKII stereo shunt type 48 step attenuator.
-10K caddock MK132 input resistors
-24ga solid silver wiring with ptfe insulation
-Connex RCAs
-Hand built enclosure made entirely from leftover pieces of other projects.


  • osscar
  • 29 January 2014 at 06:25AM
  • very good looking passive preamp!
  • kofk
  • 22 February 2014 at 08:43AM
  • That is very fine looking indeed, love it.
  • Strange Brew
  • 31 March 2014 at 06:25AM
  • A very nicely designed unit.. Like it a lot.

    How is the MKII attenuator going? - Thinking of replacing my Alps with one but maybe the through hole Takman version.


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