• Item: Furniture  
  • Type: AV3  
  • Posted: 1 April 2014  
  • Builder: Lineavdesign  
  • Country: Canada  
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Audiophile collection

It all began with the need for a wall mounted, naturally heat dissipating cabinet. I first wrote a small handwritten schema on the corner of a table, then I cut all the 1x2 birch pieces, drilled the holes and assembled everything using threaded rods and mounted it on my livingroom wall.

A few months later, I officially launched my Audiophile collection at the Montreal Audio Show. Now I still assemble everything in my basement, but all the hard birch pieces are manufactured on precision machinery by a friend's shop.

So now I sell my furniture under the name LineAV Design Audiophile Collection. Direct sale only for the moment, but am just about to close distribution deals with Canada and US retail stores!

I still encourage DIYers to build it, that's a nice, useful and fun project for those of you who like to work with wood, but are still using cheap Ikea furniture :-)


  • Nbpk402
  • 27 August 2023 at 12:48AM
  • Looks great!

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