• Item: Crossover  
  • Type: External crossover for Yamaha NS-1000M  
  • Posted: 17 April 2014  
  • Builder: YNWaN  
  • Country: United Kingdom  
  • Comments: 8  

NS-1000M Crossover

These crossovers form the final part of my NS-1000M refurbishment/upgrade project.

All components have been replaced but care has been taken to use components with the same values of those originally used. All inductors are by Jantzen and the capacitors are polypropylene, a combination of Monacor for the bass and ClarityCap ESA and Mundorf Supreme for the mid and treble. The adjustment pots have been replaced by fixed resistors (Jantzen 10W MOX).

The components sit within an acrylic skeleton structure that is laser etched with the circuit diagram. This is then attached via stand-offs to a sub acrylic layer that is attached to the aluminium sled. The whole thing sits on an isolation base of granite, acrylic and stainless steel balls.

The amplifier connects via two sets of 4mm banana sockets and the crossover connects to the speaker via two sets of Neautrik Speakon locking connectors. The connectors are attached to etched acrylic panels.

The crossover is divided up in to three separate legs for bass, mid and treble and can easily be separated if required. Component layout (particularly of inductors) has been carefully considered. All components are hard-wired and all connections soldered.

A clear acrylic sleeve fits over the crossover, etched with the Yamaha logo.

For a detailed explanation of this project, and further diagrams, please look here:



  • Mark OTL
  • 2 August 2014 at 01:40AM
  • Wow, Ynwan, you have to pleased with the results of this build. They are simply superb. I owned NS1000M's an long time ago and considered doing just this, so it's great to see you "bit the bullet" and created them. Is there a considerable improvement in sound quality? Aside from removing the crossover from the resonance within the cabinet, the components are of much better design/materials so I would think so. Cheers, Mark.
  • YNWaN
  • 10 September 2014 at 04:42AM
  • Hi Mark, sorry for the slow response and thank you for your comments. Yes, there is a considerable improvement in terms of transparency and imagery (people often underestimate the improvement better inductors can make). Further, I am now running the speakers semi-active with these crossovers feeding the mid and treble and an active crossover and separate power amp driving the bass (the amp is a Lab.gruppen IPD 1200 that has a digital active crossover built in). The bass crossover is now a third order slope at 405Hz and this both measures well and sounds outstanding.
  • mokobigbro
  • 25 September 2014 at 11:41AM
  • Hi YnWan,

    THis is beautiful.

    I am considering buying Yamaha NS1000.

    Would you be willing to make me one of these?
  • YNWaN
  • 30 September 2014 at 04:57AM
  • Hi mokobigbro,

    I'm glad you like them.

    It would be possible for me to make another pair but the component cost is relatively high and there is a great deal of labour involved. Almost everything (other than the connectors and electronic components) is completely custom designed and made so, inevitably, that will impact upon cost. Also, as it is in these pictures, the output of this crossover is wired to connect in a specific pattern with the bass exiting through one cable and the mid and treble through a second cable (though separated within that cable). As such, it requires a custom back panel to the speakers and Neutrik speakON connectors.

    If you are interested it would be best to contact me via my forum (I have the same username YNWaN):

  • mokobigbro
  • 8 October 2014 at 12:17PM
  • Hi YNWaN,

    Thank you.

    I will consider this.

    I made a purchase on ebay I thought it is NS1000 but it actually is NS1000MM (Mini Version) :p.

    When I have my NS1000.... I will contact you.
  • raycarr00
  • 15 April 2017 at 04:10PM
  • Hello, super job!
    on the resistor placement, let's say the midrange, 3.5 and 10 on the + cable, 3.5 on the - cable? or are resistors 1.5 and 10 in parallel with the 1uf capacitors? Thanks.
  • NemoIndia
  • 22 November 2017 at 11:58PM
  • Greatly appreciate this thread and information. The mid driver crossover circuit diagram lacks a little clarity so I am not able to read the value of resistors used. Is it 1.5 ohms , 10.0 ohms and 1.5 ohms (all 10watts)?
  • YNWaN
  • 13 July 2018 at 07:36AM
  • For full details, and further diagrams, of this project please look here:


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