• Item: Handmade cables  
  • Type: RCA interconnect cables  
  • Posted: 6 August 2010  
  • Builder: JayBone  
  • Country: Australia  
  • Comments: 0  

IC Red

I happened to come across a job lot of decent cable at a reasonable price, so decided to fabricate my own RCA interconnects for the new system I'm putting together.

The cable has six 24 gauge copper core wires gently twisted and wrapped with a foil shield. I then purchased some good quality locking RCA connectors made with a non magnetic 18K gold plated alloy metal case.

I also happened upon some utility rope in the specials bin at the local hardware store that was the perfect diameter to use as an outer wrap. I purchased a 30m roll, stripped off the red braided fabric and discarded the rope inside. The red braid now covers my interconnects and gives them a very 'finished' appearance.

Although I haven't listened to these properly on my new system yet, I am using them in my modest office set up and they sound very promising.


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