• Item: 3-way loudspeaker  
  • Type: Viaeave Ribbon Tweeter, Eton 3-400 Midrange, and Seas L22RN4/X woofer  
  • Posted: 21 May 2014  
  • Builder: mzisserson  
  • Country: United States  
  • Comments: 2  


A high end 3-way loudspeaker. The Viawave ribbon is a production prototype in which I was generously trusted with a pair to try out. The goal was to utilize all metal drivers to maintain the lowest distortion possible and to have a full-range, dynamic, and extended loudspeaker which woudl fill an average size listening room to moderate levels.

I won the Seas L22 woofers as second prize in an amateur design contest so it made sense to pair them with the ribbon. From the amazing measurements of the ribbon, I knew they woudl have to be paired with a very low distortion and dedicated midrange. The 3-400 fit the bill.

As I stared at the drivers and knowing I wanted a subtle but edgy look to them, I seemed a dark purple would fit the bill. So after construction the extensively braced cabinets with a 2.25" thick baffle, the speakers were wrapped in white ash veneer, dyed, and then finished with 6 coats of high gloss poly hand sanded to 600G between each layer.


  • C680
  • 22 May 2014 at 09:17AM
  • beautiful !! really beautiful !
  • skipp
  • 8 March 2017 at 04:45PM
  • Alot of work but very well finished touch ! I wished I could be as talented as almost everyone in this site. There is so much questions I would need answers to accomplish anything from all the speakers and cross'overs I cumulated over the passing years and still wondering what could I can acheive doing that would get me best sound And design!.Till then thanks all for our Sharings

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