The aim of Homebuilt Hi-fi is to showcase some of the most outstanding hi-fi projects being built by dedicated enthusiasts from all over the world. Sadly, we will never be able to fully appreciate how good these components actually sound via a website.

It is for this reason that we've chosen to focus on attributes we can fully appreciate using this media - aesthetics and design. So if you have a project that not only sounds great, but has been thoughtfully designed, skillfully executed and painstakingly assembled, we would love for you to contribute to the gallery.

Please only upload photographs that are of a high quality. This is all we'll have to assess your work, so try and make it count.


  • Images must be in jpeg format
  • Images must be more than 605 pixels wide
  • Images must be 72 dpi or higher (maximum 300 dpi)
  • Images must not be more than 5 Mb per individual image

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